Republic Wireless is Offering an Incredible Deal for Cell Service!

In a previous post, we already mentioned how Republic Wireless is our favorite cellular provider for a variety of reasons.  But now, with the latest deal that they are offering for the new year, the AWESOMENESS of Republic Wireless as a cellular provider is becoming ever more apparent!

Read on to learn how you can get six months of completely free cellular service (includes 1 GB of data per month and unlimited talk and text) and an extremely discounted smartphone from this nationwide provider that operates under Sprint’s network.

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Three Ways to Have a Debt-Free Christmas

How does Christmas always sneak up on us?? Seriously, it was just May, like, yesterday. Christmas always falls on the 25th day of December every year, but for many of us, not only does the season seem to come out of nowhere…so does the need for more money.

Let’s talk about three ways to have a debt-free Christmas:

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Job Offer: TWMM Needs a Web Designer!

BIG NEWS!  In just a little over a month, The Wise Money Manager will be upgrading to a new sitespace so that we can better serve our readers and make the site better in every kind of way.

If you are a web designer looking for a little bit of freelance work, keep reading!

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